Femicide in Brazil

What is femicide? “The act of killing a woman, as by a domestic partner or a member of criminal enterprise; the deliberate, wanton violation and massacre of women and girls, as in a particular ethnic group by an invading army.Compare genocide“(Dictionary.com). Femicide is obviously a violation of human rights because it is murder.. therefore taking away the right to life.  In South America, femicide has become a growing issue, but particularly so in Brazil.  According to the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff(side note: How cool is it that Brazil has a female president?), at least fifteen women are murdered every day in Brazil. To change this, President Rousseff is taking a stand against femicide, by passing a femicide law.  This law alters the criminal code to describe femicide as any crime that involves domestic violence, contempt, or discrimination against women and increases the sentences for murders(particularly of women) linked to domestic violence to 12-30 years. In other cases – such as the killing of a pregnant woman, a woman who’s just given birth, girls under 14, or women over 60 – the new law provides for even longer jail terms. This law also now recognizes acts of domestic violence and discrimination against women as femicide.  The Representative of UN Women in Brazil, Nadine Gasman, said “the law identifies femicide as a specific phenomena. This kind of law is preventive in nature.”

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One thought on “Femicide in Brazil

  1. I find your post very interesting! I find this to be a very pressing issue in the world and I am glad to see that Brazil is making advancements to better solve the problem at hand. My main issue with this new decree in Brazil is that I question how well they will be able to enforce this law with corrupt law enforcers.


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