Human Trafficking in China and Locally

Human trafficking violates rights by robbing victims of their freedom, selling them as if they are property, and often involves physical torture.  This is a global issue and often, the horrific stories we hear are from places far from our homes, such as China, where human trafficking is a major issue. The fact that these stories seem far away makes it easy to feel as though it would be impossible for this issue touch our communities, but this is not true.  Recently in New Kent, Virginia, a truck driver reported suspicious activity in an RV. The report was investigated and police found a woman that had been kidnapped from her home in Iowa, sexually assaulted, and forced into human trafficking. It is important to call attention to crimes such as these, especially when they take place close to home, in order to realize that human trafficking is a human rights violation can be happening right under your nose, affecting your community, your neighbors.  It may seem unlikely that such a horrific crime could be happening where you are, but it is, and it needs to be noticed.


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