I chose to research and discuss the topic of human rights violations because the encroachment of human rights is a global issue that affects many people across the world. I think it is important to be educated in this topic in order to understand the ways in which the societies of different regions of the globe differ from one another. While you may live in a country that allows men and women to have basic rights such as right to life, freedom, equality, the right to own property,and freedom of speech, there are millions of people whose rights are violated or are denied these basic human rights altogether.


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. You are right. We do live in a country where we are accustomed to freedoms there are thousands of people around the world living in oppression: women and men. There are many instances of human rights violations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, etc. The United Nations promotes equality for all nations but not all nations are bound to the UN’s recommendations and tend to push it under the table. I am anxious to see what you find and can reflect on throughout the semester. Also, remember if there is anything that relates to your topic discussed at Model UN you can use that reflection as a post.


  2. I find your topic very interesting. I totally agree with your statement about how it is important to be educated on the understanding of human rights and the violations of them. In my opinion, we should try to understand why people in different countries are denied these basic human rights. Is it because of their religion or maybe even their system of government? Human rights are rights that belong to all human beings and these rights should be granted regardless of what country a person lives in. I also think that we, as individuals, should try to bring awareness to human rights violations in hopes that maybe we can help make a change.


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